Lila Stuart and her daughter Lorinda have spent their entire lives bringing joy to others through ceramic sculpture. Together they have created a vast menagerie of handmade animal sculptures large and small. All their pieces exude a warm, friendly feeling that makes them seem to come to life in the imaginations of others.

The lifelong goal of Lila and Lorinda is to make sure those good feelings reach as wide an audience as possible.

All Wild Earth pieces are created and hand sculpted in porcelain and other high-fire stoneware clays. They all have unique personalities. Fifty-five years of experience and development has ensured their artistic individuality.


Joy and whimsy pervade the entire collection as they seem to come alive with character all their own. Wild Earth pieces are sold through over 100 boutique shops in the United States and Japan and there are collectors all over the world.


warmest regards,

Lorinda Bechtel

Wild Earth



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